Back-to-school update

by K.M.

It has been over four months since I last updated the blog portion of my website. Yikes. It was always my intention to post a lot more frequently, which, now that the start of the semester is upon us again, hopefully I can work towards!

It’s been a busy few months. Late spring and early summer was prime conference season for me. I attended CPSA (thank you, PSA!)), co-organized and presented at the PSA’s postgraduate conference in late June, and then took off for an incredibly hot Milan the following day for ICPP. All three conferences were fantastic experiences — CPSA because it was my first-ever Canadian conference and I was overwhelmed with how encouraging and supportive the community was; the PSA graduate conference because it was a small and very collegiate day and great to meet other postgrads; and ICPP because of the sheer scale and scope of public policy expertise on hand (and also because it was my first time (co)organizing a session at a conference which ended up being a very good experience!).

In mid-August I spent 2 1/2 weeks back home in Nova Scotia. I took the time completely “off” from the PhD, which although I stressed about beforehand, was the right choice. I am so glad I did.

Looking forward, this fall feels both like new beginnings and the culmination of others: I am starting an adjunct post at Richmond University as well as working towards finishing my PhD. I’m also involved in some really exciting things with the PSA’s equality and diversity working group, and looking forward to our upcoming postgraduate network fall events.