Some good news

by K.M.

A week ago today, I submitted my PhD! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, because I have been on the go ever since. I spent the weekend in Edinburgh and attended the PSA’s Women & Politics Summit on Women in the Profession on Friday. But it feels good. Quite surreal, but good.

Thought I’d share a few ‘quick tips’/advice for finishing:

  • Allow way more time than you think is necessary for formatting. It takes ages. And even when you think it’s done, check and double check (I had my mirrored margins the wrong way in the first pdf version).
  • If you have a specific day you wanted it printed, call the printers/binders in advance. I did, but even so when I arrived I had a moment of panic when they told me they didn’t think they couldn’t fit me in! Luckily all worked out and I was able to get it printed the day I wanted.
  • It will feel weird handing it in. I sat alone with my bound copies for a few minutes, knowing I should just take it upstairs and give them to my department administrator, but feeling like I didn’t want to. Handing it in felt a very odd mix of relief, slight trepidation, and pure happiness.
  • Allow yourself to take time off afterwards. I didn’t really do this straight away, but I have some much needed down time built into these next few weeks. Conversely, have projects planned too. One of the best things about submitting is finally being able to explore those things you’ve put on the backburner for the past few months/years.
  • When someone congratulates you on submission, DON’T DOWNPLAY IT! This is another thing I’m not great at….. but trying to improve!