It’s actually happened

by K.M.

I really did not think it would come to this. My gut feeling since day 1 was that Remain would win, if only by a hair. I’m in shock, stupefied, sad, angry…

Yesterday, I posted this message on Facebook:

Well, the day has dawned. I still can’t quite believe it’s come to this.

I have been fortunate to ‘take advantage’ of/engage with the EU more than some: I’ve spent the last almost 4 years studying the EU. I’ve interviewed some of its staff, spent time in its buildings, attended its events. And as a British citizen I’ve also spent 2 years living in another EU country. Most personally/selfishly, the EU and its regulations have allowed me and [my boyfriend] to live and work together in the same countries for over 6 years. It’s difficult to find the words to express what that means to us.

For these reasons and more, I am voting REMAIN and hope you do too.

All of this remains true. Like so many others, the uncertainty I’m facing in the future is high, on both personal and professional notes. My next research project, which I’d hoped to start sometime within the next 12-18 months if I was lucky, is directly related to the relationship between the UK and EU! Ha.

I’ll have more thoughts in the coming days and weeks but needed an outlet to express my dismay and sadness as this result today.

Edited to all: my horoscope today –> “Facts and figures must come first, both in your personal life and at work.” OH THE IRONY!