Fall 2016 updates

by K.M.

It’s mid-October. How did that happen?! It’s been a whirlwind 8 weeks.

I had, on reflection, a pretty lovely summer: a more relaxed academic schedule and 2.5 weeks at home in Canada. As soon as I got back, I turned my focus to viva prep. I had my viva on 14 September and am pleased to say that I passed (with minor corrections)! Overall it was a good experience — not as tough as I thought it might be, but on the other hand I got quite a few questions that I hadn’t thought of (I think this is typical). I definitely think that once you submit, the hardest part is over.

Some viva prep resources I found useful:
Surviving the viva
Unpacking the viva
Viva resources & tools (from my friend Dr Laura Speers)
Top 40 potential questions
More prep questions

This fall I am teaching at Richmond and City, now part of the University of London. At Richmond I am reprising my role as assistant professor (adjunct) in Arts Policy. We have a vibrant, engaging cohort on the MA this year and 6 weeks in we’ve had some fantastic discussions. At City I am a Visiting Lecturer teaching undergraduate seminars on a new (to  me) module called Violence, where we look at legislative and policy responses to violence and crime in society.